A Liitle History About Our Association



  Legal secretaries associations were organized, among other reasons, to keep the legal secretary educated and well informed on the constantly changing California law and court rules and legal procedures, as well as to bring the realization that being a legal secretary is not just a job, but it is a profession that we should be proud of.

Our association began through the efforts of several ladies who were members of San Gabriel Valley Legal Secretaries Association and who believed that an association should be formed in and around the Whittier area.  So those brave ladies decided to organize a legal association which encompassed Whittier, Pico Rivera, La Mirada, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, and Montebello.

On March 3, 1949, Rio Hondo District Legal Secretaries Association (RHDLSA) held its first meeting through the efforts of those wonderful women.  They came up with the name for our association from the small Rio Hondo River which flows through our area and eventually meets up with the Los Angeles River.

At the fifth regular meeting of Legal Secretaries, Incorporated (LSI) on May 7, 1949, the Board of Governors approved Rio Hondo’s application for membership in LSI.  We were officially chartered.

In September of 2001, RHDLSA took a daring step.  After much debate and discussion, the then executive board for our association submitted to LSI an amendment to our bylaws permitting us to become RIO HONDO DISTRICT LEGAL PROFESSIONALS ASSOCIATION.  We believed that by changing “legal secretaries” to “legal professionals” that others working in the legal field would realize that we welcomed and were open to them as well; that you didn’t have to work as a legal secretary in a law firm to become a member and enjoy the benefits of our continuing education programs.

Our amendment to change our name was approved by LSI and we became LSI’s first association to become a “LEGAL PROFESSIONALS ASSOCIATION”.  Soon after many other associations in LSI decided to make the same name change.

Today RHDLPA continues to thrive and offer continuing education programs with superb speakers on important and relative subjects.  As a chartered member of LSI, our programs qualify to offer MCLE credits as well.

RHDLPA’s regular monthly meetings are held the third Thursday of each month and we would welcome the opportunity to meet you.